Excursion program from Oslo

Saga Event offers complete programs for groups. A varied program for everyone. With exciting things out on the green lawn, where everyone can partipicate as they please. Making viking-bread on a roasting plate over the fire, grilling apples or helping to make today`s lunch? We offer simple and tasteful dishes of moose and reindeermeat from top quality raw materials straight from Norwegian nature!

Activities for those who want to try it, simple and inclusive tasks for everyone. Maybe you want to be a viking for an hour? We also have costumes so everyone can have group taken photos as vikings. After being outside, we enter the rustic medieval building, with it`s unique atmosphere. And will eat our lunch meal there.                        

Our program starts from you enter the bus in Oslo, complete stay at the saga Camp, activities, food & softdrink, back to you return to destination in Oslo again. Including guiding. We offer sales in our kiosk with beautiful handmade Scandinavian Viking jewelry in bronze and silver!

Incoming tourism and tourism groups

With its unique architecture and short distance from Oslo harbour, Saga Camp is a great opportunity for one-day tourism and experiences.

We can offer groups unique programs, lasting from 2 – 4 hours. Here you will find insight into Viking history, activities from the Middle Ages and then you can participate in outdoor activities and cooking around a campfire.

Food and drinks are served after we enter the «Gildestua». With hand-built rustic interior in solid timber. Kiosk selling handmade Viking jewelry in bronze.

A complete and exciting experience, especially designed for visiting groups from abroad

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vikingene lager mat på bålet